Adding and formatting text

With VideoScribe, any text you type in will animate automatically! You can also pick the font, weight, color and alignment.


Please Note: There were some key changes to the way text and fonts worked in v3.6 of VideoScribe. If you are using an earlier version of the software some of the features on this page may not be available to you unless you upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe.


Step 1. Click on the ‘Add New Text’ button in the bottom right-hand corner


Step 2. Add your text to the dialogue box

You can either type straight into this box or copy and paste text in from outside VideoScribe

Please Note: Not all languages are available in all fonts. VideoScribe uses Google fonts and you can check which fonts support your language via


If you do not wish to make any changes to the format of your text you can click the tick and this text will be added to your project. 


If you want to amend any of the format option below please progress to the appropriate section:

Step 3. Change the font 

This can be done using the drop-down box at the top left of the add text window.

You can only change the font for all of the text you have added. If you wish to use more than one font, you'll need to create a new text box. You can’t mix languages that write in different directions (left to right and right to left) within one text window. You'll need to create a separate text box.

VideoScribe started using GoogleFonts in v3.6 and there are a number of fonts available for you immediately in this list. If you need more fonts, we explain how to add these in our More fonts help article.

Step 4. Change the weight (Bold, Italic, etc)

Each font will have a number of options available, with the options varying between fonts. You can see the available options and pick one using the drop-down box at the top middle of the 'Add text' window.

You can only change the weight for all of the text you've added. If you want to change the weight on multiple pieces of text, you will need to create a new text box for each separate weight of text.  


Step 5. Change the alignment

You have the option to left-align, centre-align or right-align your text. You can do this using the 3 alignment buttons at the top of the 'Add text' window.


Step 6. Change the color

Click on the color square at the top right of the add text window.

This'll open the select color window. From here you can either pick a color from the palette or enter a the specific HEX value for the color. Click the tick to apply the color changes.

You can change the color for all of the text you have added or just part of it:

  • To change it for all the text at the same time, change the selected color while nothing is highlighted in the dialogue box.
  • To change it for a section of the text, select that section of text with your mouse so it’s highlighted and then change the selected color.


Step 7. Apply the changes

Now your text is added and you've formatted it, you can add it to the canvas by clicking the tick.