Change your mailing preferences

You can amend your mailing preferences to control if you receive marketing, promotion and/or newsletter email updates from us.



You can either amend this setting from within the profile page of your account or using the unsubscribe and email preferences link at the bottom of all of our marketing emails. By default, when you sign up to a free Sparkol account, you are opted into emails from us. 

Once unsubscribed, all marketing and newsletter emails will be stopped. You will still receive essential account emails such as automatic payment reminders, invoices and cancellation confirmations. 


Mailing preference on your account

Step 1. Log into your online Sparkol account.

  • Enter the email address you signed up for an account with (B) and password (C) and click Log-in (D).


  • From here click ‘Update your mailing preferences' link’ (F) under the ‘Change mailing preferences’ section. This will generate an email to your account email address. 


Step 3. Check your email inbox.

  • You will receive an email titled ‘Please confirm your mailing preferences’.  Open this email and select the ‘Update Email Preferences’ link (G). This will open a new window with your communication preferences.


    • Uncheck the types of emails you do not want to receive and select the 'Update Email Preferences' (H) button at the bottom of the page.
    • You will then have a confirmation notice on the following page stating ‘You have updated your email preferences.’

    You can also update your communication preferences by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our marketing emails

    • Open any newsletter or promotional email sent to you by Sparkol then scroll to the bottom of the email and select 'Unsubscribe from all future emails’ (I).
    • There is also the option to ‘Update your email preferences’ at the bottom of the Sparkol emails. This will open a new window with your communication preferences to choose the types of emails you receive.