Change the background

Discover the dazzling different background options you can choose to use in your scribe...


TOP TIP: You don't need to use the default white background for your canvas, why not mix things up with a background texture or color? Check out our blog post on creating striking custom backgrounds.


To change the background of your scribe:

  • Click the 'Background Options' icon in the top menu bar (A).
  • From here, you can change the scribe canvas texture (B), the background color (C) and add a vignette (D).
  • Press the tick icon (E) to save your changes and return to the canvas.


Changing the background color:

  • Clicking on the square marked (C) in the screenshot above will open up the color palette (F) from which you can select a color.
  • If you wish, you can also enter a hex code (G) to exactly match your branding.
  • When you’ve selected the color you'd like to use, click the tick (H) to confirm.