Find VideoScribe on your computer and open it

How to find and open VideoScribe once you have it installed


If you have not installed VideoScribe yet go to  Download and install VideoScribe – PC or  Download and install VideoScribe – Mac.  


Windows PC

There are two places you can find VideoScribe on a Windows PC:

Option 1: VideoScribe automatically places a shortcut on your Desktop at installation. You can double click on this (A) to open VideoScribe. 


Option 2: Use the Windows key on your keyboard to launch the start/search menu and start typing VideoScribe. The search will appear in the bottom left for Windows Vista and 7 or in the top right for Windows 8 & 10 as seen in the example (A). You can then click the application in the search results to open it.



There are two ways to find and open VideoScribe on a MAC: 

Option 1: Open a Finder window and find VideoScribe within the Applications folder, then click to open (A).


Option 2: You can also 'Keep in Dock' to make it easier to find later. To do this click and hold on the dock icon until the menu appears, then choose 'options' (A) and 'keep in dock' (B)


Now VideoScribe is open you can Login to VideoScribe