Upgrade to a paid subscription after your free trial

Great news that you want to join the VideoScribe community! Here's how to confirm your subscription...

  • You can upgrade your Sparkol account from a free trial to a paid subscription at any time, either during your 7 day free trial or after it has expired.
  • You do not need to download VideoScribe again. Simply log back into VideoScribe and you will have access to the full set of features and be able to continue with the projects you created during your free trial.

Step 1:

  • During your trial, you can select the 'Buy' button in VideoScribe to open the website pricing page. From here, select the subscription plan that suits you.
  • Select either a Monthly (A), Yearly (B) payment plan, or One-Off licence (C).

(Note: available subscription options may differ depending on your country location)

Step 2:

  • Log in with your Sparkol account details. Enter your email address (D), password (E) and the click on the ‘Login to continue button’ (F)


Step 3:

  • Check your subscription plan details and enter your address information (G).
    • If your billing address is different (or someone else is paying and you want them to receive the billing notifications) uncheck the 'Billing address is the same' box (H) and enter your different billing details.
    • Click on the Proceed to payment button (I) to continue.


    Step 4:

    • Choose your payment method, credit or debit card is selected by default (J) and enter your card payment details below (K).
    • If paying with PayPal, select the PayPal radio button (L) and click ‘Checkout with PayPal’ (M) where you will be taken to the PayPal log in page.



    Step 5. Read the terms and pay

    • Acknowledge that you understand that you are setting up an ongoing subscription for which you will make an immediate payment followed by regular payments by checking the box (N).
    • Read the terms and if you accept them, check the box to accept the terms (O).
    • Click ‘Pay Now’ (P).