Historic fonts in VideoScribe

How to use fonts imported in previous versions of VideoScribe

There were some key changes to the way text and fonts work in v3.6 of VideoScribe, allowing for increased personalization and higher quality rendering of the text, but some users may require font types they have used in previous projects.


How to use fonts prior to v3.6

Opening a scribe project containing text elements created on the old font system (VideoScribe version 3.5.2 and below) will still allow you to playback and edit the text as normal, but you will not be able to change the font, color or alignment. If you open the properties in a text element and then click on the ‘EDIT TEXT’ tab, you will be greeted with a message prompt pictured below.

Fonts have been upgraded. You can still edit text for this element using the original font. New text elements will use the new fonts system.


Whilst we would recommend upgrading to the new font system, we understand that some users may want to create a new project in VideoScribe version 3.6 using older fonts that are unavailable in the list of Google Fonts. 

To achieve this, you will need to select the text element currently set to the font you want to use, click on the Copy button and then exit the scribe project.



Next, open the scribe project you want to import the text into and click on the Paste button to insert this text element containing the old font type.



You can continue to add more historic font elements by repeating the Copy/Paste process.

You can then edit the text by clicking on the Properties button in the bottom left of the thumbnail (or double-clicking the text on the canvas) and clicking on the 'EDIT TEXT' tab.



You will be able to make a change in the text editor window and clicking the blue check will accept the changes you have made, returning you to the canvas.


How to use previously built-in Sparkol fonts

Over the years VideoScribe has had a number of inbuilt fonts that our long-term and loyal customers will remember fondly. These are Basic, Block, Marker, Outline & Script.

So to use these fonts please download the appropriately named scribe project below and import that into VideoScribe. You can then use these fonts by copying and pasting as shown above.