How long does it take to have a video created?

The Sparkol Studio creative team will create an animated video, but how long might that take?

Well, without dodging the question, the answer entirely depends on what you want created. Our team will create an entirely custom-animated video for your story, completely from scratch. There are many factors that affect the length of production - for example...

  • the length of your script
  • the complexity of animation style you'd like to see
  • whether or not you have an existing narrative or storyboard in mind
  • how quickly we can receive feedback from your team at each stage of the process

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TOP TIP: The best way to get a clearer idea of timescale is get in touch and have an initial no-obligation chat with one of our Studio team. We can listen to what you hope to have created and very quickly give you a clearer idea of how long that might take.