How to manage videos - privacy, delete and download is Sparkol's video hosting platform. This article will explain how to manage your videos.


The video owner can change the privacy, delete and download an mp4 version of their video from You need to be logged into with the same account that published the video to manage it. Once you’re logged into your account, you can manage your videos. 


Step 1: Select the Login (A) option on the top right corner of the page


Step 2: Enter in your Email Address (B) and Password (C) and click ‘Login to Continue’


Step 3: Click on the ‘My Videos’ (D) option in the top right of the page


Step 4: Select the video (E) you wish to manage


Now that you’re logged into your account, please see below on how to manage your videos:


Delete your video:

Step 1: Click on the ‘Remove Video’ option (F)


Step 2: A window will open reading “Are you sure you wish to remove this video?” Click ‘Okay’ (G) if you wish to delete the video. The page will then refresh advising “Your video has been deleted” (H)



Change the Privacy Settings for your Video:

Step 1.  Under the “Visibility” (I) section, select the drop-down menu (J) and click on the option you wish to change the privacy settings to.


You have 3 different privacy settings you can choose from:

  • Private: Can only be viewed by you when you are logged into with your Sparkol account
  • Unlisted: Not searchable but you can share it with others using the short code link
  • Public: Publicly searchable and available for anyone to view on


Download your Published Scribe to an MP4:

Under the “Download” (K) section, select the drop-down menu (L) and click on the resolution you wish to download your video in. The video will automatically download to your downloads folder after selecting the resolution.