I’ve upgraded to the latest version- where are my projects?

Upgrading to the latest version of VideoScribe for your desktop means your projects have now moved to a folder of your choice on your computer

First, be sure that you’re logging into the desktop version of VideoScribe (and not the browser version). 

When you upgrade from an old version of VideoScribe, you will go through a migration process with your locally saved projects. The migration process is explained in this support article. This means you will move your projects to the folder of your choice on your computer. 

After you’ve migrated your projects and logged into VideoScribe, your projects will no longer appear in your ‘Recent Scribes’ folder- but don’t worry! Your projects are safe and sound within the folder you’ve migrated them to. 

To access your projects, select the ‘Open scribe’ button in VideoScribe.

A File Explorer or Finder window will open, and you can then locate your project files on your computer, and re-open them. 

Check out Access projects saved on your computer for full details. Once you’ve reopened a project and saved it, it will once again appear in your ‘Recent Scribes’ folder. 

If you can’t remember the folder you’ve migrated to, you can open a File Explorer/ Finder window and use the search facility to search for one of your project names or the .scribe file extension as all your projects will be saved as that file type.

Remember! You will need to use the ‘Open scribe’ button to open your project. You cannot open your project from File Explorer/ Finder.