Common login issues

Having issues logging into VideoScribe for your desktop? Check out this article for the solutions to common login issues

If you’re unable to log into VideoScribe for your desktop, it is most likely due to one of the following: 

1. You’re not running the latest version of VideoScribe
    • VideoScribe supports versions 3.9 and above. When accessing an unsupported version of the software, you might see an infinite spinner or the error “Cannot login: unknown error”. If you’re seeing one of these errors, upgrade to the latest version.

You can download the latest version here.

Top tip: Supported versions of VideoScribe will have the option to ‘Show password’. If you don’t have this option, please upgrade to the latest version.  

2. Your username or password is incorrect
    • If you’re presented with the error “That login information didn't work. Please try again”, your password or username is incorrect. First, ensure you’re logging in with your registered email address. Check your credentials to ensure there are no typos or blank spaces within the text box. 

You can reset your VideoScribe password here.  

Please note: If you try logging into VideoScribe with the incorrect credentials three times, the error message will change to “Cannot login: unknown error”. If you see this message, please do not try to log in again until you reset your password.

If you are seeing a different error message, please refer to the Solutions to known issues section on the help site or raise a ticket with the Customer Success team.