Payment Error message at checkout

If you receive an error message whilst trying to purchase a subscription, this article can help…

A charge may be declined for a number of reasons. Below you will find the most common errors, details of what they mean and how they can be resolved.

Credit Card Errors

Your credit card was declined. Please try another card, or choose a different form of payment. Your payment provider has declined the charge. Try a different form of payment or contact the issuing bank for more information.

We regret that your order could not be accepted. We value your business and would like to help you complete this order. Please contact us for assistance. The charge was declined due to suspected fraud by your card issuer or our payment partner FastSpring.

Your credit card security code (CVC) is invalid. Double-check the card’s CVC and try again with the correct CVC.

PayPal Errors

An unexpected error occurred, and we are not currently able to accept payment. The transaction exceeded the card limit and you should contact the bank that issues the card associated with the PayPal account.

Amazon Pay Errors

An unexpected error occurred, and we are not currently able to accept payment. The order amount is too high and you should try a form of payment other than Amazon Pay.

Indian Customers

Your payment on FastSpring has been declined as it was non-compliant as per RBI guidelines. The Reserve Bank of India has recently brought in a new directive, which requires additional approval for recurring transactions. You are purchasing a subscription with recurring payments. Please contact your bank to explain you are purchasing from Sparkol and ask them to approve an international payment for a recurring subscription. If you still cannot make the payment we would suggest you use an alternative payment method from another bank.

Still having problems: If you are still unable to purchase a subscription after following the advice above please contact us. Please include the following information in your ticket:
- What error message(s) are you receiving? (Ideally, provide a screenshot)
- What steps have you taken from this page to try and resolve the issue?
- Which subscription are you looking to purchase?
- What country are you purchasing from?