"Payment Error" message at checkout

If you receive an error message whilst trying to purchase a subscription, this article can help...

NOTE: When purchasing a subscription, our payment platform will perform checks to validate the details that you have entered.

If any details are incorrect or incompatible with the payment methods that we can accept, it will display an error message. An error will also be shown if the details are correct but the transaction is declined by your bank.

  1. Ensure that the payment page is recognising your correct location and providing pricing information in the right currency, this can occur if you are using a VPN or Incognito/Private Browsing mode.
  2. View the solutions for the payment errors below, (solutions will differ depending on the error message displayed). Some errors may appear in more than one category. 
  3. If you are unable to find a solution on this page, you can contact our technical support team via a support ticket. To help us resolve this for you quickly please include the following information in your communication: 

    1. The error code 

    2. Details of any steps you have taken from this page to try and resolve the problem

    3. The type and price of the plan you are looking to purchase.

    4. Please note: DO NOT include your full card details in any email or ticket with us. For security, please only enter this on our websites secure payment pages.

Top Tip: If you are still unable to purchase a subscription after following the advice below, you can add your preferred payment method to your account without being charged here. This will mean that when you next visit the checkout you will not be asked for your payment details, this pre-authorisation will resolve some payment errors.

These error codes indicate that invalid card details have been entered. This could be some mistyped information, or that your card is expired or cancelled. 

  • 430306, 100
  • 430330, 100
  • 430357, 100
  • 430418, 100
  • 430490, 100

Please check the information you have entered carefully to ensure it is correct. If you are still unable to complete your payment we would recommend contacting your bank to ensure the card is not blocked or cancelled. You may want to try an alternative payment method. 

These error codes indicate a payment errors from your bank. This could be for a number of reasons, there may be an insufficient balance or the card may not be authorised for: 

    • online transactions 
    • agreements with recurring payments
    • transactions in this currency 
    • transactions outside of your own country
  • 430285, 100
  • 430345, 100
  • 430360, 100
  • 430396, 100
  • 430412, 100
  • "Unfortunately your transaction has not been successful, please contact our sales team for assistance."

If you see any of the above errors you may want to try an alternative payment method. If you wish to continue to try with this card please contact your bank first to resolve the reason they are blocking the charge. Please advise them of the following:

    • You are trying to purchase online from Sparkol
    • This is a recurring subscription agreement
    • The amount and currency of the charge 
    • The transaction may be from another country

"Error, we are unable to find the pricing for your region"

  • This error means that there is a mismatch between the ‘State’ that you have selected and the zip code that you have entered. Please check your address details, matching the correct address information will rectify this issue.