Purchase a VideoScribe subscription

This page has you covered whether you've loved your trial and you want to join us, or you're returning after some time away.

We offer a number of flexible subscription packages and you can pick your plan and make your purchase via our pricing page.

Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions people have before deciding to purchase. We’ve split them into handy sections:

General FAQs -  New Customer FAQs - Returning Customer FAQs.

General FAQs

What features are included with my subscription? 

Lots! So many that they need a page of their own. You can see the full list here!

What is the difference between the subscription plans?

All the plans on the pricing page give you access to the same features. The difference is just the amount of time that the payment will give you access for. If you want more detail on this it’s available here.

Can I get a discount? 

Maybe, we offer 3 types of discounts and these are managed by voucher codes:

  • Educational discounts - We offer individual discounts for students and teachers. Head over to our Education page to find out more.
  • Charity and Non-Profit - You can check out what you need to qualify and apply on our Charity discount page.
  • Everyone Else - We run occasional general sales. If you want a heads up on those make sure you are subscribed to our marketing mailing list.

How many people can use a subscription? 

One, you cannot share accounts. If a group of you need to use the software then we have team pricing available.

Can I cancel the subscription?

You’re always in control! You can cancel future payments at any time without affecting the time you have already paid for.

I just want access for one month/year, I don’t want to subscribe?

No problem, just cancel future payments straight away and you’ll only pay for that initial period.

What if I don’t like the software, can I get a refund?

Afraid not, but you don’t need to take that risk because we offer a completely free and no obligation trial. You can find our full refund policy here.

New Customer FAQs

Do I need to make a purchase to start the trial?

No, absolutely not! We don’t take any payment information from you when you sign up for the 7 day trial. Only purchase a subscription when you are sure VideoScribe is the right tool for you.

Will the scribes I made during my trial be there when I buy?

Yes! The trial software is the same as the full version, no need to reinstall anything. Your account will automatically unlock the extra areas once you have purchased and you can keep working on your projects.

Do I need to wait for my 7 day trial to end before buying?

No! Once you’re happy that you’ve seen enough, you can head to the pricing page and subscribe to unlock the extra features.

Returning Customer FAQs

It’s been ages, can I have another look before I buy?

That’s not a problem. If you need to refresh your memory or want to see what’s changed then please contact the support team. We’ll be happy to give you another trial.

There are two versions of VideoScribe now…for your desktop & for your browser. Which one did I have before? 

We now offer a browser version of VideoScribe! This has been introduced February 2022. If you tried VideoScribe before then, you were using the desktop version. Check out this page for the differences! 

Will the scribes I made the last time I was with you still be available?

That depends on how you saved them. If using the desktop version, most people save their work locally on the machine they are using. If you are using the same machine and you’ve not deleted them, then yes. You can save online too- if you are not sure if your files are saved online please raise a ticket with the support team before purchasing, we’d be happy to check for you.

Will I need to upgrade the software?

If you’re using the desktop version, then maybe! We are always adding new features and older versions will become unsupported after a time. It’s easy to upgrade and is included in the cost of your new subscription. You can get hold of the latest version of the software for desktop from our download page.

If you’re using the browser version- updates are automatic!