Purchase a VideoScribe subscription

Whether you've used your trial and decided that VideoScribe is the tool for you, or you're returning to us after some time away, you can easily purchase a new subscription via our website...

Step 1. Visit the pricing page and choose a plan (A)

  • Details about the features provided in each subscription can be found further down the pricing page. The payment plans available will differ depending on your country location whilst purchasing the subscription. You can get further information about each option here.  
  • If you're purchasing for a number of people, please click on the Team Licences tab (B) to see options for multiple subscriptions.


Step 2. Log in with your Sparkol account details

  • Enter your email address (C), password (D) and then click on the ‘Login to continue button’ (E).
  • If you've forgotten your password, you can request a reset link.
  • If you have already logged into your account prior to selecting a plan this step will be skipped.


Please note: If you see a message at this point saying ‘It looks like you already have an active VideoScribe subscription’ then that means your previous plan has not yet expired. You cannot hold 2 subscriptions simultaneously on one account unless you are managing a team. 


Step 3. Check your payment plan details and enter your address information.

  • If you have a voucher code please see our How to use a VideoScribe voucher code help page.
  • As you enter your address information (F) you'll be provided with suggestions, when the correct address is displayed click on it to auto-complete the required fields. 


  • If your billing address is different or someone else is paying for the account and you want them to receive the payment notifications uncheck the 'Billing address is the same' box (G). This will open a second address option where you can enter a different billing email or postal address. Click on the Proceed to payment button (H) to continue.
  • If you have already registered your payment information with us before, this step will be pre-filled. There will be an ‘Edit address details’ button which will take you into your account profile, you can make changes from there then return to Step 1.



Step 4. Enter your payment details.

  • Choose your payment method. Credit or debit card is selected by default (I). Enter your card payment details below (J).


  • If paying with PayPal, select the PayPal radio button (K) and click ‘Check out with PayPal’ (L) where you will be taken to the PayPal login page.
  • If you've already registered your payment information with us before this step will be pre-filled. There will be an ‘Edit payment details’ button which will take you into your account profile, you can make changes from there then return to Step 1.


Step 5. Read the terms and pay

  • Acknowledge that you understand that you are setting up a subscription for which you will make an immediate payment followed by regular payments by checking the box (M).
  • Read the payment terms and app licence and user terms and if you accept them, check the box to accept the terms (N).
  • Click ‘Pay Now’ (O).


Extra Information that may be useful to customers returning to us after being away for a while

  • You might have an older version of VideoScribe installed on your machine. You can always get the latest version from https://www.videoscribe.co/Download 
  • If you have previous projects which you are looking to return to please bear in mind that by default VideoScribe would have saved them locally on the machine you were using so you'll need to be using the same computer to access these. If you did save your scribes to the cloud (online) they will be available if you are using a new computer.