Refund of VideoScribe subscription payments

This article explains our approach to customer requests for a refund

Here at Sparkol, we are committed to providing a fair service for our customers. We ensure that you have full control of the payments you make to us whether you are just joining or continuing a subscription.

Initial payment

All new customers can get 7 days free access to VideoScribe to make sure it is a product that works for you. You don’t need to provide any payment information to access this trial and you are not automatically subscribed or charged when your trial ends. For this reason, once you’ve decided to purchase a plan, that payment is not refundable.

Ongoing subscription payments

We are a subscription service and our payment plans are made clear throughout the payment process, ensuring customers agree to recurring payments at checkout. We don’t expect you to remember to cancel at the last moment so you can cancel future payments at any time whilst still maintaining access to the product for the period you’ve paid for. We also send customers on a yearly plan reminder emails as it’s a longer gap between payments. For these reasons, once a recurring payment has been taken, it’s not refundable.

Having a problem with VideoScribe?

For any customers having technical issues with VideoScribe the support team would love to help! If you can’t find the answer to your issue on our help site then you can raise a ticket and we will do all we can to help. If the issue cannot be resolved and you would like to request a refund on that basis the team will consider each request on its merits.

The legal bit

If you want to read the formal terms and conditions, rather than this helpful FAQ, then here they are - Sparkol subscription payment terms