Unable to deselect elements when resizing

If you are having trouble resizing elements, or deselecting them in the timeline or on your canvas, you may be experiencing the effects of a bug. 


NOTE: Our team of developers are aware of this issue and will provide an update as soon as a fix is available.

The things you may notice that would indicate you are being affected by this bug are:

  • Mouse pointer gets stuck to the resize handles and the element continues to be resized after the mouse button has been released.
  • When clicking on a blank part of the canvas to deselect elements, they remain selected in the timeline and cannot be deselected.
  • Unable to move elements on the canvas.


There is a known bug on the Mac version of VideoScribe where functionality can be lost after using Ctrl+click.


  • Ctrl+click is used to bring up the right-click menu and you should avoid using this command if you are experiencing loss of functionality.
  • If you close VideoScribe and open it again and avoid using Ctrl+click, this issue should no longer occur.
  • You can set your Apple mouse or trackpad to right click to avoid issues related to using the ctrl key.