Rotating text and images

Let's explore two methods for rotating text and images that you have added to your canvas...

There are two ways you can rotate text and image elements; using the rotation controls on the canvas or by entering a numeric value in the element's properties.


Method 1: Using the rotation control handle.

  • With the element selected (an image or a piece of text), click your mouse on the rotation control handle (A).
  • Keep the mouse held down and move it away from the centre slightly. Now move the mouse left and right in a circular motion and the image or text will rotate.
  • Release the mouse button when you have rotated the element.


Method 2:  Enter a numerical rotation value from the element's properties.

  • Select the element and open the element properties (B).


  • Click on the value next to ‘Rotated’ (C) and enter a value between -360 and 360 degrees (D).
  • Click the tick (E) to confirm the value.


  • Click the tick (F) to return to the canvas and view your rotated element.