Update or Add a VAT Number

Learn how to add and update your VAT number on your account.

If you're a business and have a valid VAT number, you can add it to your account. The VAT number will show up on all new invoices that are generated after the VAT number has been added.

Please note - the VAT number will not be added to invoices that have already been generated.

Step 1. Log into your online Sparkol account.

This is done via the Sparkol website by clicking on ‘Account’ in the top right corner (A).

Enter the email address you signed up for an account with (B), your password (C) and click Log-in (D).

Step 2. Go to your profile.

Click on the profile tab (E).

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find the ‘Tax information’ section (F). Click on ‘Edit’ (G).

Step 3. Add or edit your VAT number


1. Add your VAT number.

After you click on ‘Edit’ a checkbox will appear (this will vary depending on the region you live in, in this example, the account is based in the EU) (H), tick this and a text box will show up where you can enter your VAT ID (I).

Please note: check you're entering your VAT number in the correct format. An EU VAT ID must be entered with the 2 letter country code first, followed by a space. For example, a Swedish VAT number would be entered as ‘SE 12345678912’.

When you've added or edited your VAT ID, click ‘Save’ (J).

2. Edit your VAT number.

If you already have a VAT ID on your account, after clicking ‘Edit’ the VAT number will appear (K). Edit the VAT number and click save (L).