Version Error message displayed on startup

When you open VideoScribe, the software will check essential startup files that are required to run the software are available. If there is an incorrect file present, this can cause an issue. 


An error message is displayed stating your software version number and prompting you to contact the support team. If you are using a version of VideoScribe prior to 3.4, please follow the steps in our instant answer on how to upgrade your software, as versions 3.3 and lower are no longer supported and will not work for you.


This error means that VideoScribe does not have the appropriate authorization and access to run on your device. 

This error is usually seen on a Windows machine so the steps below we take you through a number of areas you can check the access VideoScribe has and how to amend it on Windows. If you experience this issue on a Mac the same logic applies but if you need assistance on how to check these things please contact support.


Step 1. Are you a system administrator on your computer?

VideoScribe will require administrative privileges to function successfully. You can test if this is the issue by right-clicking VideoScribe in the start menu, then selecting More> Run as administrator.


If your account does not have the permissions to complete this you can find out how to assign these permissions via Microsoft's support pages. If you change the permissions on your account we recommend that you uninstall and reinstall the VideoScribe software after doing this. You can run VideoScribe in administrator mode, as shown above.

Step 2. Do you use anti-virus software?

You can check this using the Windows Security application. To access this open the Control Panel or simply type in ‘Windows Security’ into the Windows Search bar next to your Start Menu.

Selecting the Virus and threat protection tab will display your current Antivirus software. Click on the ‘Open app’ text to open your dedicated program. Here you will need to check that the software is up to date and, depending on the software’s requirements, has an active subscription.

Step 3. Do you have permission to run the app?

VideoScribe needs to be set up as an  ‘Allowed’ program in your network security settings. You will need to check if Windows dictates what programs/apps you can access or if this is controlled by another program such as Norton.

In the ‘App and browser control’, ensure that the radio buttons for the ‘Check apps and files’ and ‘Smart Screen for Microsoft Edge’ fields are not set to ‘Block’

If they are set to ‘Block’, please change this to ‘Warn’, this action may require Admin rights to proceed with the change. If you need to access another program to control these settings, the principle remains the same, ensure the app is not blocked and it is set to an ‘allowed’ or similar status.

Step 4. Do you have a VPN?

An increased number of organisations will now provide their users with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) as standard network security, as such, we advise you to check with your admin team if you have one set up on your computer.

Additionally, selecting the Firewall & network protection’ tab will allow you to view the network security settings for your machine displaying if you currently have a firewall active. Click on the ‘Manage Providers’ link under the ‘Who’s protecting me?’ field.

This will allow you to view your active firewall e.g Windows Firewall, allowing you to open the app to check if VideoScribe is a blocked app. Selecting the ‘Open app’ button will provide you with an option to view the ‘whitelist’ or ‘exceptions’ list of programs that have been granted access to communicate through your Firewall.

Step 5. Are you working on a school or work network?

Your IT administrators will need to ensure that certain ports are available for VideoScribe to communicate with the Sparkol server. This is used to authenticate your login credentials and allow online features such as our music library, online images, online saving and more.

Ensure that they check the information in our handy guide on how to Download VideoScribe in my place of work or school.

Still having issues?

If you are still unable to access VideoScribe after following these steps, please raise a support ticket. To ensure we can provide you with the best advice quickly please include the results of these steps, ideally with screenshots so we can assess the issue in detail. It may also be easier to resolve this issue over the phone so please provide a contact number and a time you would be available for a call. Should you need it our contact number and opening hours can be found here.