VideoScribe Anywhere mobile app

VideoScribe Anywhere is a simple to use app available for iOS

VideoScribe Anywhere  is available for iOS. It requires iOS 8.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Its purpose is to make it really easy to make something simple and engaging, even easier than with the main VideoScribe product. Therefore a number of the more complex features are not available. You can find a complete list of the features available across the different versions of VideoScribe on the Compare VideoScribe licence features  help page.

VideoScribe Anywhere is a separate product to the desktop version of the software. If you hold a Sparkol subscription  for the desktop product this will not give you access to render videos in VideoScribe Anywhere. Likewise buying one of the available In-App video rendering purchases for VideoScribe Anywhere will not give you access to the Desktop application. 

You do not need a VideoScribe account to use the app, but if you choose to create one  you can link the app to your desktop account and access any scribes you have saved online from your computer (cloud storage).

You can download VideoScribe Anywhere for a small fee from the Sparkol page on the iTunes store .