VideoScribe cannot be installed on 64-bit Windows error

This article tells you what to do if you receive a message advising VideoScribe cannot be installed on 64-bit Windows version


The below error message is displayed when trying to install VideoScribe.


  • There are two versions of VideoScribe available. A 32-bit version for 32-bit operating systems and a 64-bit version for 64-bit operating systems. You will see this error message if you are trying to install the 32-bit version of VideoScribe on a 64-bit system.


  • This is easily fixed, you just need to download the 64-bit version of VideoScribe and install that instead. You can get this via You will know you have downloaded the correct version and the installer will be called 'VideoScribe64.msi'. Double click and follow the on-screen prompts to install VideoScribe.
  • If you need any assistance with any of the above or have further questions please raise a support ticket and provide as much information as you can about the steps you have already taken.