VideoScribe free 7-day trial

Explore VideoScribe for FREE for a week (no credit card needed). Here are some answers to some free trial FAQs...

Your free trial allows you access to VideoScribe. You can use both VideoScribe for your browser or VideoScribe for your desktop for a total of 7 days. Projects cannot be shared between desktop and browser. 

NOTE: Your free trial begins from the time you first log in to VideoScribe so you can explore when best suits you. 

If using VideoScribe desktop, you will need to download and install the VideoScribe desktop app for your Windows PC or Mac OS.

There are a number of differences/limitations compared to the full subscription product. 

If using VideoScribe for your desktop:

  • You can only export your completed project to your computer in .mov and .wmv formats, up to 640 resolution
  • You can publish your completed project to PowerPoint. Publishing to our online platform and then downloading as an MP4 is not available until you have a subscription
  • All published videos will carry a VideoScribe watermark
  • You cannot work offline or use the trial across multiple devices
  • You do not have video resale rights as a trial user

If using VideoScribe for your browser:

  • You can create up to 30 projects
  • Downloading your projects to a video is not available during the trial

For more details about features, visit our Using VideoScribe page.

At the end of your trial

  • We do not take any payment details during the free trial and you are under no obligation to buy VideoScribe afterwards. Your access simply ends after Day 7.
  • A number of subscription options are available, to best suit your needs and budget. There is no minimum contract and you can cancel any time after your first payment to stop the next recurring payment.
  • Be sure to publish your projects to videos before your trial ends because you will not be able to access them afterwards without a paid subscription.
  • There is no need to create a new account when you upgrade, simply use the same login details that you used for your trial. This will ensure you retain access to your projects.