VideoScribe freezes when importing media or exporting projects - macOS 12.1

Accessing Finder to import or export media results in the VideoScribe application freezing.

Customers using VideoScribe on macOS Monterey (12.1) are experiencing an issue when performing actions that require Finder to open in VideoScribe. This includes:
  • Importing audio, images and other media
  • Publishing or saving your project locally
  • Opening locally saved scribe projects
The first action which requires Finder to open should work correctly, but the second action will result in the application not responding. Once Finder is displayed, the only resolution will be to force quit and close the application.


This is due to permission changes introduced in macOS 12.1 that prevent VideoScribe from accessing the local storage. Our development team is actively working on this as a priority and will be providing a fix as soon as possible. 


Options to avoid the bug:

  • Downgrade macOS on your device to 12.0 (or below)
  • Use another device running either macOS 12.0 (or below) or Windows

This issue affects all versions of VideoScribe when used on macOS 12.1 so upgrading the application will not fix this fault.

Options to minimise the occurrence of the bug:

If the above options are not available to you any steps you can take to avoid using a Finder window to access locally saved files will reduce the frequency of problems. Examples of this include:

  • Save your projects to the online folder
  • Use the inbuilt VideoScribe image library
  • Use the inbuilt VideoScribe music library
  • Record voiceovers directly in the application
  • Publish your projects online to (see option 2 of Publish and share scribes)