Using VideoScribe on non Windows/macOS devices

If you do not have access to a Windows or macOS computer, what options do you have?

VideoScribe for your desktop is only available on Windows and macOS. 

VideoScribe for your browser is currently fully supported on Windows and macOS only. It does have limited functionality for iOS and Android tablets and mobiles. We are actively working on tablet functionality and hope to fully support these devices soon. Due to screen size, mobile functionality will always be limited to playback only. We are also investigating full support for other computer OS options, for example, Linux and Chromebook. 

Please Note: There are a number of websites offering illegitimate Windows, macOS, iOS and Android/APK downloads of VideoScribe. These applications are not genuine, will not work and may contain viruses or malware. We would recommend you do not install this type of software and where we discover them we start proceedings to close them down.