View images from a ZIP file in VideoScribe

If you have a lot of your own images to use in VideoScribe, you can put them into a ZIP file to browse them easily before picking one to import onto your project. 

If you have a ZIP file containing images you can import the ZIP file into VideoScribe to view the images it contains and add them to the canvas (one at a time).

You will be able to view SVG, PNG, JPG and animated GIF images in VideoScribe by importing the ZIP file. The ZIP file can contain a mixture of those image types.

Step 1. Prepare your ZIP file.

  • It’s best to keep the number of images in the ZIP file to below 100 to make them more easily searchable. You could create separate ZIP files for different categories of images. Name the ZIP files according to the images they contain.
  • Place the ZIP file in a convenient location on your computer.
  • Always make sure that you optimise your images before importing them into VideoScribe.
Step 2. Import the ZIP file.
  • To import the ZIP file and view the images in VideoScribe, click the ‘Add New Image’ icon (A), then click the Import icon (B).
  • A file explorer window will open. Locate the ZIP file and double-click to import it into VideoScribe. The images in the ZIP file will be visible within the VideoScribe add image window (C).

Step 3. Add an image to the canvas.

  • Find the image that you would like to use in your scribe and click on it to add it to the canvas. If the image is a JPG or PNG the import image options will be displayed (D).
  • If it is an SVG or animated GIF image it will be added to the canvas instantly.
  • To add another image from the ZIP file, repeat Step 2.