What could my video look like?

There are so many different visual directions your video could take...

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You may have a really clear idea of how you'd like your video to look - possibly matching with your existing brand visuals. We find that often however, many of our clients don't have such a clear idea - but then, that's why we're here!

Our Studio animation and design team are specialists in all kinds of animation - from simple whiteboard or hand-drawn style illustrations, to a slick 3D-style visual feast for the eyes. Often, your underlying message and/or script can help to dictate what sort of visual style would best fit - and of course your budget has input on the decision too!

To get your imagination firing, take a look below at a few examples of different styles that our animators have created in the past...

TIP: You may like to also take a look at some of our recent works for inspiration...

Whiteboard style:


2D style:


3D style:


Mixed-media style: