What license does my video include?

Many video production agencies will provide you with a specific usage agreement or license for your completed project. Here is how we do things...

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We like to keep things simple.  When your project is completed, you can use your video for almost any purpose within the single price of the production. There are no additional licensing charges for internal or external use.  The one exception to this is broadcast use, and our team can discuss any specific requirements you have for this with you during your early exploration sessions.

The usage and copyright licensing for any imagery, characters or visuals etc created for your project are included - for use within the context of your completed video project only. If you wish to use the visuals/imagery outside of the video (for example on your website or in marketing), our team can discuss with you additional licensing for the full ownership of imagery copyright.


You can view our full Sparkol Studio terms and conditions here for the UK and US.