Using VideoScribe offline

If you have a paid subscription, you can use VideoScribe when you are not connected to the internet, known as ‘offline mode’.


NOTE: When using VideoScribe in offline mode a number of features will not be available as these are accessed via the cloud:

  • Saving to your online directory
  • Publishing to
  • Template scribes
  • Images in online folders
  • Premium images
  • Sparkol music tracks
  • Most of the hand and pen options
  • Adding image and audio files via URL
    • To use offline mode you will first need to log into VideoScribe at least once whilst connected to the internet. Be sure that the ‘Remember me?’ checkbox (A) has a tick in it. VideoScribe will now remember your credentials on this computer when you are offline.
    • Disconnect from the internet by turning off your Wifi or disconnecting your ethernet cable.
    • You can now restart VideoScribe and log in (and continue to use offline in the future).