You are already logged in on a different device

With a subscription, you can use VideoScribe on multiple devices but you are limited to one at a time.


When you log in you are presented with the error message ‘You are already logged in on a different device. Please wait for a few minutes, and try again.’Device_Error


This error message will show because you already have an active session. There can be a number of reasons for this and we go through them below.


1 - You were using VideoScribe on another device and forgot to log off

  • You need to make sure you close VideoScribe when you no longer need it, especially if you are planning to work from another computer later. 
  • To close VideoScribe, close the application window with the red cross button and then click the tick when asked if you want to close VideoScribe. Close

2 - VideoScribe has been force closed or crashed

  • Where this happens, your session will not immediately expire. It will take 5 minutes of inactivity for your session to expire. 
  • We would recommend restarting your computer following a crash to be 100% sure any issues are cleared. 
  • Once that’s done have a short break from the screen, make yourself a drink and before you know it you’ll be back up and running. 

3 - Someone else is using your account

  • Have you shared your credentials with a friend, colleague or family member? Each account is personal and should only be used by the account holder (see section 8 of the terms and conditions). 
  • If options 1 and 2 aren’t helping then we would recommend you reset your password (even if you haven’t knowingly shared your account). 

Still having problems?

  • Get in touch with us by raising a ticket.
  • Please include details of everything you have tried so far. This will help us understand what’s happening and ensure that we don’t ask you to repeat any steps unnecessarily.