How to use templates

Our ever-growing library of professionally-designed templates allows you to pick from pre-made designs.

Sometimes you don’t have the time or creativity to start with a blank canvas - and that’s ok! We have lots of templates covering everything from social media posts to mind maps, HR announcements to classroom lesson plans! 

Step 1. Pick your templates

  • They are the first thing you see after logging in, or you can access them by clicking on Templates at the top of the screen
  • They are organized into handy categories- scroll down the page to see them all
  • You can see more templates in each category by using the arrows at the end of each line
  • Once you have found a template that interests you, hover over the thumbnail to preview or use.

How to use tempates VSC - Optimised

Step 2: Customize your template

Once you select a template to use, you can edit it as if you’ve created it from scratch. It’s as customizable as you need it to be!

Top tip: Check out our blog post on how to customize our video templates to get the absolute best out of our template collection!